PetSafe ZIRF-100 Indoor Radio Fence

What is the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence?

The PetSafe® Indoor Radio Fence® (Model No. ZIRF-100) is a wireless method of protecting your pets from off-limit areas inside your home.

It consists of a transmitter that provides up to a 10-foot radius of protection when plugged into a power source via its included power adapter and only works when used with a compatible PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence receiver collar.

The collar is generally not included with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence transmitter, and it is also powered by its own battery source.

How does the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence work?

The PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence works by the receiver collar emitting a tone followed by a stimulation when your pet wanders into a designated off-limits area to remind them to leave the area. It is not designed to be a solid barrier; it simply acts as a deterrent to help you condition your pet to staying out of unwanted areas.

There is no guarantee that the system will keep your pet from entering restricted areas, and you must responsibly reinforce training with your pet on a regular basis. Be sure to thoroughly research the product’s functions and review the manual before purchasing and implementing it into your training regimen.

PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence for Cats and Dogs, Transmitter Only


What kind of batteries do I need for the PetSafe ZIRF-100 Indoor Radio Fence?

The ZIRF-100 PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence transmitter uses a power adapter that is typically included with your purchase of the product. Compatible battery-operated receiver collars are sold separately, and the batteries you need will depend on the model of receiver collar you are using.

Below is a list of ZIRF-100 compatible receiver collars with a link to learn more about the battery model each one requires and where you can find them.

PetSafe ZIRF-100 Indoor Radio Fence Receiver Collar Compatibility List

According to the manual on the PetSafe website, the ZIRF-100 PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence is compatible with the following receiver collars:

Receiver Collar Model

Deluxe UltraLight™ Receiver Collar

Find Battery Replacement

Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar

Find Battery Replacement

Elite Little Dog Receiver Collar

Find Battery Replacement

Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver Collar

Find Battery Replacement

Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar

Find Collar Replacement

In case there is any question of compatibility with another model you may own, be sure to note that the following receiver collar models are not compatible with the ZIRF-100 PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence:

  • YardMax Collar
  • Ultra Smart Collar
  • PawzAway Collar
  • Any PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar

You can also contact the manufacturer if you have any other questions about product compatibility.

Last Modified: February 16, 2019
Originally published on February 1st, 2019 in Animals & Pets.

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