Yuasa GYZ20H 12 Volt 20 Ah 320 CCA AGM SLA

Yuasa GYZ20H Replacement Battery

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Yuasa GYZ20H Battery Specs

The Yuasa GYZ20H is a 12V 20Ah SLA AGM Powersports Battery, delivering 320 CCA.

  • Type: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Polarity: +/-
  • Voltage / Capacity: 12V 20Ah
  • Length: 175 mm (6 7/8″)
  • Width: 87 mm (3 7/16″)
  • Height: 155 mm (6 1/8″)
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 320 CCA
  • Upgrade for: YTX20H

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Yuasa GYZ20H Battery Cross-Reference:
Motorcycle CompatibilityATV CompatibilityPWC CompatibilitySnowmobile Compatibility

Battery Model: Yuasa GYZ20H

The Yuasa GYZ20H battery is a 12V 20Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid (SLA) battery from the Yuasa High Performance Series, delivering 320 CCA and featuring an absorbent glass mat (AGM) design.

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Yuasa GYZ20H Battery Replacement Cross-Reference & Compatibility List

GYZ20H Motorcycle Battery Compatibility

The 12V 20Ah Yuasa GYZ20H battery fits the following motorcycles and more:

MakeModelYear(s)CC / (CI)
BuellS2, S2T Thunderbolt’94-’961200
DucatiI.E. Paso’90-’94907
Harley-Davidson1000 XLX-61, XR1000’83-’851000
Harley-DavidsonFX/FXR Series’79-’94(80)
Harley-DavidsonFXR Series’99-’00(80)
Harley-DavidsonFXST/FLST Series (Softail)’84-’90(80)
Harley-DavidsonXL Series (Sportster)’79-’851000
Harley-DavidsonXL Series (Sportster)’87-’931100
Harley-DavidsonXLCR Cafe Racer’77-’781000
Harley-DavidsonXLH (Sportster)’86-’96883
HondaVF1100C V65 Magna’83-’861100
IndianAll Models’99-’011442 / (88)
IndianChief (All Models)’09-’11(105)
IndianScout, Spirit’02-’031442 / (88)
Moto GuzziAUDACE’16-’181400
Moto GuzziCalifornia’13-’171380
Moto GuzziMGX-21 Flying Fortress’161380

GYZ20H ATV Battery Compatibility

The 12V 20Ah Yuasa GYZ20H battery fits the following ATVs and more:

Arctic Cat4×4 Automatic’10650
Arctic Cat550, TRV, LTD, S, XT, CORE’10-’15550
Arctic Cat650, H1’11-’12650
Arctic CatAlterra’16500
Arctic CatAlterra’16550
Arctic CatAlterra16-’18700
Arctic CatATV 450’10-’12450
Arctic CatATV 500’13-’17500
Arctic CatFIS’06-’08700
Arctic CatMudpro 1000H2, TRV,
1000i GT, XT
Arctic CatMudpro’10-’12650
Arctic CatThundercat’08-’101000
Arctic CatTRV’11-’12450
Arctic CatTRV13-’17500
Arctic CatTRV, Mudpro, LTD, TBX’09-’17700
Arctic CatXT, TRV, CORE’13-’17700

GYZ20H PWC Battery Compatibility

The 12V 20Ah Yuasa GYZ20H battery fits the following personal watercrafts and more:

S.O.S. Marine MFGAll ModelsAllAll
Wet Jet InternationalAll ModelsAllAll

GYZ20H Snowmobile Battery Compatibility

The 12V 20Ah Yuasa GYZ20H battery fits the following snowmobiles and more:

Arctic CatBearcat 570’09-’14500
Arctic CatBearcat 2000’17-’18565
Arctic CatBearcat 3000, Pantera 300016-’17700
Arctic CatBearcat 5000’15-’171100
Arctic CatBearcat 7000’15-’191100
Arctic CatBearcat WT’95-’02500
Arctic CatCougar’95-’98500
Arctic CatCrossfire 500’07500
Arctic CatCrossfire 600’06-’07500
Arctic CatCrossfire 700’06500
Arctic CatEXT (EFI)’94500
Arctic CatEXT (EFI)’98500
Arctic CatEXT (Powder Special)’95-’96500
Arctic CatEXT 600’97-’98500
Arctic CatF5’07-’09500
Arctic CatF5 LXR’07-’14500
Arctic CatF6, F8, F1000’07-’09500
Arctic CatF8 LXR, F800,
M800, XF800
Arctic CatF570, T570, Bearcat’08-’14570
Arctic CatJaguar’07500
Arctic CatLynx 2000’15-’19565
Arctic CatM 5’05-’06500
Arctic CatM 6’05-’07500
Arctic CatM 7’05-’06500
Arctic CatM 6000’15-’18600
Arctic CatM 7000’15-’191100
Arctic CatM 8000, 9000’14-’191100
Arctic CatMountain Cat’01500
Arctic CatMountain Cat 500’02500
Arctic CatMountain Cat 600’02-’04500
Arctic CatMountain Cat 1000’02500
Arctic CatPantera’94500
Arctic CatPantera 550, 600’02-’05500
Arctic CatPantera 580’99-’01500
Arctic CatPantera 1000’01-’02500
Arctic CatPantera 7000’15-’191100
Arctic CatPanther 550’97-’01500
Arctic CatPowder Extreme’97-’98500
Arctic CatPowder Special’95-’97500
Arctic CatProwler 2-Up’95500
Arctic CatProwler, 2-Up (with Electric Start)’94500
Arctic CatProwler Special’91-’92500
Arctic CatSabercat 500 LX’04-’05500
Arctic CatThundercat’97-’02500
Arctic CatXF 6000’17-’18600
Arctic CatXF 7000, 8000, 9000’14-’191100
Arctic CatXF1100, T1100, ZR 5000’14-’171100
Arctic CatZ1, TZ1, F1100,
M1100, Bearcat Z1
Arctic CatZL 500’01-’02500
Arctic CatZL 550, 600’01-’03500
Arctic CatZL 800’01500
Arctic CatZR 500, 600’01-’02500
Arctic CatZR 3000’17-’18700
Arctic CatZR 6000’14-’18600
Arctic CatZR 7000, ZR 9000’14-’191100
Arctic CatZR 8000’14-’19800
Arctic CatZRT 600, 800’97-’02500
YamahaSidewinder (All Models)’17-’181000
YamahaSR VIPER L/M/R/S/X’14-’181049

Battery Chart for Yuasa GYZ20H

Brand / ManufacturerYuasa
Battery Model No.GYZ20H
Upgrade ForYTX20H
TypeSealed Lead Acid / AGM
Capacity (10HR)20Ah
Cold Cranking Amps320 CCA
Length6 7/8″ (175 mm)
Width3 7/16″ (87 mm)
Height6 1/8″ (155 mm)
Approx. Weight15.7 lbs (7.12 kg)

For details on terminals and compatible hardware, check out the complete Yuasa Powersports Battery Application Guide.

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