SP12 35 SigmasTek Battery 12 Volt 35 Ah with NB Terminals

SigmasTek SP12-35 (NB) Replacement Battery

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SigmasTek SP12-35 (NB) Battery Specs

The SigmasTek SP12-35 is a 12V 35Ah SLA AGM Battery with NB Terminals.

  • Type: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Voltage / Capacity: 12V 35Ah
  • Length: 196 mm (7.72″)
  • Width: 131 mm (5.14″)
  • Height: 156 mm (6.14″)
  • Height with Terminal: 178 mm (7″)
  • Terminal Type: NB

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Battery Model: SigmasTek SP12-35

The SigmasTek SP12-35 battery is a 12V 35Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid (SLA) battery from the SigmasTek SP Series with an absorbent glass mat (AGM) design.

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Designed with a safety vent that releases gas to prevent excessive internal pressure buildup, SLA batteries offer many benefits as they are low maintenance, leakproof / spillproof, reliable, and position insensitive (they can operate in any orientation).

The SigmasTek SP Series are multi-functional for both cycle and standby use, and they have a life expectancy of 3-5 years in standby use.

Batteries from the SP Series are typically used in general purpose applications.

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How can I extend the life of my SigmasTek SP Series sealed lead acid battery while it is in storage?

In general, it is not recommended to leave sealed lead acid batteries in storage while in a discharged or partially charged state. Sealed lead acid batteries self-discharge about 3% every month and if they are not recharged periodically, you may not be able to recover its fully capacity.

To help extend the life of your SigmasTek SP Series battery, store your battery in a cool and dry place at 25°C (77°F).

A freshening charge for your SigmasTek SP Series battery is recommended at six months if stored at 25°C (77°F). For higher temperatures, the time interval will be shorter.

What does it mean if my SigmasTek battery is swollen?

Immediately remove and discontinue use of any sealed lead acid battery if it is bulging or bloated as it means it has become damaged.

Sealed lead acid batteries can become damaged and swollen if they are overcharged or short-circuited. This can happen if the battery charger is providing too much current, such as using a 24V charger to charge a 12V battery.

Be sure to take care in properly charging your SigmasTek battery by using a good quality charger that is fully compatible with your battery.

SigmasTek SP12-35 NB Battery Replacement Cross-Reference & Compatibility List

The 12V 35Ah SigmasTek SP12-35 battery with NB terminals fits and replaces the following and more:

  • ADI / Ademco PWPS12330
  • BCI Group Size U1
  • CTM HS-2800
  • Eaton Powerware 153302039-001
  • Eaton Powerware BAT-0053
  • Eaton Powerware BAT-0065
  • Eaton Powerware BATA-012
  • Eaton Powerware BATA-041
  • eGo Electric Scooter
  • GreenEMotor e-Cruiser 160
  • GreenEMotor e-Cruiser 220
  • GreenEMotor e-Runner 160
  • Leoch DJW12-35
  • Power Source U1-35 (91-225)
  • Pride BATLIQ1017 Wheelchair
  • Sola 400A
  • Sola 800A
  • Sola SPS800A
  • Sonnenschein 12V32AH
  • Sonnenschein 6KX44
  • Sonnenschein A1230.0G6
  • Sonnenschein A212/28G6
  • Sonnenschein A212/32G
  • Sonnenschein A512/30.0G6
  • Sonnenschein A512/300G6
  • Sonnenschein A512/30G6
  • Sonnenschein DF45
  • Topaz 1000
  • Topaz 1050
  • Topaz 10500002
  • Topaz 1050002
  • Topaz 1300VA
  • Topaz 450BA
  • Topaz 500VA
  • Topaz 83001
  • Topaz 83186-01
  • Topaz 83186-03
  • Topaz 83256
  • Topaz 83256-03
  • Topaz 83265-01
  • Topaz 84126
  • Topaz 8412601NN
  • Topaz 84130
  • Topaz 8413001NN
  • Topaz 8413046
  • Topaz 84461
  • Topaz 84462
  • Topaz 850
  • Topaz LCL12V33P
  • Topaz MICRO2 1300VA
  • Topaz PS12300
  • Topaz R1234
  • Universal Power UB12350
  • X-Treme XM-3150
  • Zap Zapino Electric Scooter

Battery Chart of SigmasTek SP12-35 NB Terminal

Brand / ManufacturerSigmasTek
Battery Model No.SP12-35
Common Replacement ForUB12350
TypeSealed Lead Acid / AGM
Nominal Voltage12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR)35Ah
Terminal TypeNB
Length7.72″ (196 mm)
Width5.14″ (131 mm)
Height6.14″ (156 mm)
Total Height with Terminal7″ (178 mm)
Approx. Weight23.59 lbs (10.7 kg)

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