24 OPzV3000 SigmasTek Battery 2 Volt 3000 Ah with IT Terminals

SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000 Replacement Battery

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2 Volt 3000 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery Replacement with IT Terminals by SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000

SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000 Battery Specs

The SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000 is a 2V 3000Ah SLA Gel Cell with IT Terminals.

  • Type: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Gel
  • Voltage / Capacity (10HR): 2V 3000Ah
  • Length: 576 mm (20.7″)
  • Width: 212 mm (8.35″)
  • Height: 772 mm (30.4″)
  • Height with Terminal: 808 mm (31.8″)
  • Terminal Type: IT

Battery Model: SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000

The SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000 battery is a 2V 3000Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid (SLA) battery from the SigmasTek SPZ Series with advanced tubular plate gel cell technology.

Batteries from the SPZ Series are low maintenance, leakproof / spillproof, reliable, and sealed using precision pressure valves. They also offer 20 years design life and very high deep cycling capabilities.

The innovative OPzV batteries from the SPZ Series are recommended for applications that must withstand harsh environments, such as telecom outdoor applications and renewable energy systems.

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How can I extend the life of my SigmasTek SPZ OPzV sealed lead acid battery while it is in storage?

To help extend the life of your SigmasTek SPZ Series battery, store your battery in a cool and dry place at 20°C (68°F).

A freshening charge for your SigmasTek SPZ Series battery is recommended at six months if stored at 20°C (68°F). For higher temperatures, the time interval will be shorter.

Battery Chart for SigmasTek 24 OPzV3000 IT Terminal

Brand / ManufacturerSigmasTek
Battery Model No.24 OPzV3000
TypeSealed Lead Acid / Gel
Nominal Voltage2V
Nominal Capacity (10HR)3000Ah
Terminal TypeIT
Length20.7″ (576 mm)
Width8.35″ (212 mm)
Height30.4″ (772 mm)
Total Height with Terminal31.8″ (808 mm)
Approx. Weight512 lbs (232.24 kg)

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This website contains affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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