Size 13 Hearing Aid Battery 1.45 Volt Zinc Air

Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 Zinc Air

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The size 13 hearing aid battery is a popular zinc air battery cell that is typically used in BTE (behind-the-ear) and ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids.

It is a small battery cell that measures 7.9mm in diameter and 5.4mm in height. It uses the color orange on its labels and packaging to help consumers clearly identify its size based on the industry standard color code for size 13 hearing aid batteries.

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How do size 13 zinc air hearing aid batteries work?

The most common batteries for hearing aids use zinc air technology. Zinc air batteries are activated by oxygen, so hearing aid battery manufacturers have created a sticky insert tab that prevents the batteries from becoming unintentionally activated. As such, be sure to leave the sticky tab intact until you are ready to use the battery because once you have activated it, there is no way to deactivate and preserve it.

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When you are ready to use your size 13 zinc air battery, you simply pull the tab out of it to allow oxygen to enter and activate it via tiny holes in the battery. While the holes are large enough to allow oxygen to enter, they are also small enough to prevent battery fluid from leaking out. An additional filter is located behind the holes to further prevent any potential leakage.

Because oxygen must also pass through the filter, it is absorbed slowly, so it is important to give your battery some time to absorb enough oxygen to fully power your hearing aid after pulling the tab and before inserting the battery into your hearing aid and closing the compartment.

30-60 seconds may be sufficient time for your battery to absorb enough oxygen, although be sure to read the instructions on your hearing aid battery packaging carefully in case it needs to be longer than that. Some manufacturers recommend as much as 3-5 minutes.

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Is the size 13 hearing aid battery known by another name or model number?

Yes, different brands give the same battery different model numbers. See the cross-reference list for the size 13 hearing aid battery below.

Size 13 Hearing Aid Battery Replacement Cross-Reference List

The size 13 hearing aid battery replaces the following and more:

  • 13A
  • 13AE
  • 13HPX
  • 7000ZD
  • AARP B013
  • AC13
  • AC13E
  • AP13
  • B26PA
  • Belton B26PA
  • DA13
  • DA13H
  • DA13X
  • Duracell Activair 13HP
  • Duracell EasyTab DA13H
  • Duracell EasyTab DA13N
  • Energizer AC13E
  • Energizer AC13EZ
  • Energizer Amplifier AC13
  • Energizer EZ Chg EZ13
  • I.E.C. PR48
  • iCellTech 13DS
  • L13ZA
  • ME8Z
  • Miracle Ear ME8Z
  • Panasonic PR13H
  • Powertone VARTA P13
  • PR-13PA
  • PR48
  • PZA13
  • R13ZA
  • Rayovac Extra 13AE
  • Rayovac L-Series (Loud ‘n Clear) L13ZA
  • Rayovac ProLine 13A
  • Renata ZA13
  • Siemens 13SA
  • SONY 13
  • Starkey S13A
  • V13
  • V13A
  • V13AT
  • VT13
  • Walgreens W13ZA
  • XL13
  • ZA13
  • Zenipower A13

How can I extend the life of my size 13 disposable hearing aid battery?

Size 13 hearing aid batteries usually last between 6-14 days depending on the type and condition of the hearing aid you are wearing as well as your usage.

Since most disposable hearing aid batteries don’t have too long of a battery life once activated, you might want to take good care of your hearing aid and its batteries to help optimize your hearing aid performance, extend the battery life, and hopefully, save you some money in the long run.

Here are some tips:

  • Wash your hands before handling hearing aid batteries.
  • Store your hearing aid batteries at room temperature, not in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Do not carry loose hearing aid batteries in your purse or pocket as contact with coins or keys can short-circuit them.
  • When you are not using your hearing aid, turn it off and open the battery door to allow any moisture buildup to evaporate.
  • Clean your hearing aid regularly. You can have your hearing healthcare professional do this for you.
  • If you are using a zinc air hearing aid battery, note that it is not activated until you remove the sticky tab and allow oxygen to enter the battery.

    Be sure to allow the battery enough time to absorb the oxygen needed to fully power your hearing aid before inserting it into your hearing aid.

    Some manufacturers recommend at least 30-60 seconds (some others even recommend 3-5 minutes), although specific instructions for your particular battery model should be included on the battery packaging.

Chart for Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Battery ModelSize 13
Color CodeOrange
Type / ChemistryZinc Air
Diameter7.9 mm
Height5.4 mm
Nominal Capacity300mAh

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