Exell Battery S28PX 6.2 Volt Silver Oxide

Exell S28PX Replacement Battery

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Exell S28PX Battery Specs

The Exell S28PX is a compatible battery replacement for the original PX28 battery.

  • Type: Silver Oxide
  • Voltage: 6.2V
  • Diameter: 13 mm (0.51″)
  • Height: 25.2 mm (0.99″)

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Battery Model: Exell S28PX

The Exell S28PX is a silver oxide replacement for the original PX28 mercury battery. Mercury is no longer used due to its toxicity and environmental impact, so the Exell S28PX was created as an alternative.

It is a cylindrical 6.2V battery. It measures 13mm in diameter and 25.2mm in height.

The S28PX is commonly used in cameras, light meters, and blood sugar testers.

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Is the Exell S28PX battery known by another name or model number?

Yes, different brands give the same battery different model numbers. If you don’t specifically see the battery model number S28PX for sale, try searching for one of the other model numbers it is also known by or other applications the Exell S28PX battery also fits, as provided by the cross-reference and compatibility list below.

Exell S28PX Battery Replacement Cross-Reference & Compatibility List

The Exell S28PX battery fits and replaces the following and more:

  • 544
  • 1406LC
  • 1406SOP
  • 1414A
  • 150mAh Lithium Battery 1406LC
  • 28L
  • 2CR⅓N
  • 2CR11108
  • 476A
  • 4A G13
  • 4G13
  • 4H-C
  • 4LR44
  • 4MR44
  • 4NR44
  • 4SG13
  • 4SR44
  • 544BP
  • 6 Volt Photo Alkaline Battery 28A PX28 L544
  • A544
  • Accu Chek 539284000890
  • Accu Chek 766
  • Accu Chek ACCUCHECK 3
  • Accu Chek K28A
  • Accu Chek PX28A
  • Bronica GS-1
  • Cannon AE-1
  • CR28L
  • Dantona DC-2
  • Duracell 28A
  • Energizer A544BPA544
  • Eveready L544
  • Exell Battery A28PX
  • Exell Battery S28
  • Exell Battery S28PX
  • Fasco 4A G13
  • Fasco 4AG13
  • Fasco 4LR44
  • Fasco 544
  • Fasco 8930
  • Fasco 8932
  • Fasco A544
  • Fasco PX28
  • Fasco PX28A
  • Fuji 4SR44
  • Fujifilm 4LR44
  • Fujifilm 4SR44
  • Golden Power 4A G13
  • Golden Power 4A G13544
  • Golden Power 4AG13
  • Golden Power 4AG13544
  • Golden Power 544
  • HM-4C
  • IEC 4LR44
  • IEC 4SR44
  • Interstate APHO0140
  • Interstate Batteries APHO0150
  • K28L
  • Kodak 4SG13
  • Kodak K28
  • Kodak K28A
  • Kodak KS28
  • KS28
  • L1325
  • L28PX Lithium 6 Volt
  • L544
  • Maxell 4LR44
  • Maxell 4LR44P
  • Maxell 4SR44
  • Maxell 731305
  • Minox 35ML
  • NEDA (National Electrical Distributor Association) 1406S0P
  • Neda 1414A
  • Panasonic 4G13
  • Panasonic 4LR44
  • Panasonic 4SR44
  • Pelican 1930C
  • Pelican 1930IR
  • Petsafe BC-102
  • Petsafe L1325
  • Petsafe PEL-100
  • Petsafe PG-250
  • Petsafe PVPP-300
  • Petsafe RF-250
  • Petsafe RFA1611
  • Petsafe RFA18
  • Petsafe RFA18-11
  • PX 28
  • PX28
  • PX28A
  • PX28A 476A
  • PX28L
  • PX28-S
  • Radio Shack 23469
  • Ray-o-vac 867
  • Rayovac RPX28
  • Renata 4LR44
  • RFA1611
  • RFA-16-11
  • RPX28
  • S1325
  • S1325S
  • Select Comfort A544
  • Tandy 23469
  • Toshiba 4LR44
  • Unipower B01351
  • V28PX
  • V28PXL
  • V29PX
  • V4034PX
  • Varta 28PX
  • Varta V28PXL
  • Varta V34PX
  • Varta V4034
  • Vinnic L1325
  • Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder camera

Battery Chart for Exell S28PX

Brand / ManufacturerExell Battery
Battery Model No.S28PX
Common Replacement ForPX28
Type / ChemistrySilver Oxide
Diameter0.51″ (13 mm)
Height0.99″ (25.2 mm)

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Are the S28PX and 4LR44 the same batteries?

The S28PX battery and 4LR44 battery have almost identical specs except for one major difference in their chemistry – the S28PX battery is silver oxide and the 4LR44 battery is alkaline.

Silver oxide batteries not only have a long shelf life, they also have better performance than alkaline batteries, outlasting them by about 5 times, so you can use the Silver Oxide S28PX in place of the 4LR44 for improved performance with your device.

Are the S28PX and PX28L the same batteries?

The S28PX battery and PX28L battery are also nearly identical except for their chemistry. The S28PX battery is silver oxide and the PX28L is lithium. The PX28L lithium battery has a slightly longer life than the S28PX silver oxide battery.

Note that while you may also be able to swap out the Silver Oxide S28PX or Alkaline 4LR44 with the Lithium PX28L, be sure to double-check the compatibility of the battery with your device by contacting the battery seller or the manufacturer of your device before purchasing. Some manufacturers specifically warn against using PX28L batteries in their products, such as the MasterPlus dog collars.

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