Exell A625PX Battery Replacement

The A625PX is a battery replacement for the NEDA 1124MP battery
Image Source: Amazon.com

Exell A625PX Battery

The Exell A625PX is a compatible battery replacement for the original Mercuric Oxide PX625 battery.

  • Type: Alkaline
  • Voltage 1.5V
  • Diameter: 15.6 mm (0.62″)
  • Height: 5.95 mm (0.24″)

Additional Info

Below are frequently asked questions and compatibility information for the Exell A625PX Battery.

Where can I get the Exell A625PX battery?

You can buy a new Exell A625PX battery on Amazon.

What is the Exell A625PX battery?

The Exell A625PX battery is a 1.5V alkaline replacement for the original Mercuric Oxide PX625 battery commonly used in cameras. Mercury is no longer used due to its toxicity and environmental impact, so the Exell A625PX was created as an alternative.

What are the specs for the Exell A625PX battery?

The Exell A625PX battery is 1.5 volts, has an Alkaline chemistry, and is 15.6 millimeters in diameter and 5.95 millimeters in height.

Note that the Exell A625PX produces 1.5 volts, which is higher than the original 1.35 volts produced by the PX625. Most devices can accommodate the slight increase in voltage fine, however.

What does the Exell A625PX battery look like?

The Exell A625PX battery is a 1.5V battery that measures 15.6mm in diameter and 5.95mm in height.

The Exell A625PX is a battery replacement for the NEDA 1124MP battery

Source: Amazon.com

Is the Exell A625PX battery known by another name or model number?

Yes, different brands give the same battery different model numbers. If you don’t specifically see the battery model number A625PX for sale, try searching for one of the other model numbers it is also known by or other applications the Exell A625PX battery also fits, as provided by the cross-reference and compatibility list below.

Exell A625PX Battery Replacement Cross-Reference & Compatibility List

The Exell A625PX battery fits and replaces the following and more:

  • 625
  • 4370
  • 4371
  • 4625
  • 8930
  • 1124MP
  • 625A
  • A625
  • Ansi 1124MP
  • Burgess HG-625R
  • Canon EF
  • D625
  • E625N
  • EPX13
  • EPX625
  • EPX625G
  • Eveready E625N
  • Exell Battery A625PX
  • H1560
  • HD
  • H-D
  • HD1560
  • HD625
  • HD-D
  • HG-625R
  • Iec MR9
  • Interstate Batteries AWAC5275
  • K625A
  • KA625
  • Keyless Entry Locks JETTA
  • Keyless Entry Locks V625U
  • Kodak KX625
  • Konica SRTSC2
  • KX615
  • KX625
  • LR09
  • M01
  • M20
  • Mallory RM-625R
  • MR09
  • MR9
  • MR9P
  • Neda 1124MP
  • Nikon LR9
  • Nikon V625U
  • Pertrix 7002
  • Petri V625
  • PN625
  • PX13
  • PX625
  • PX625A
  • R625
  • Radio Shack 231504
  • RM625
  • RM-625R
  • RPX625
  • RPX625A
  • Tandy 231504
  • V13PX
  • V625PX
  • V625U
  • Varta 4626
  • Varta 625U
  • Varta 7002
  • Varta EPX625G
  • Varta PX625A
  • Varta V625PX
  • Varta V625U
  • VW N-902-624-01

Quick Summary of Exell A625PX Battery Specifications

Brand / ManufacturerExell Battery
Battery Model No.A625PX
Common Replacement ForPX625, NEDA 1124MP
Type / ChemistryAlkaline
Diameter0.62″ (15.6 mm)
Height0.24″ (5.95 mm)

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