Exell A221/505A Replacement Battery

The Exell A221/505A is a battery replacement for the Eveready 505 battery
Image Source: Amazon.com

Exell A221/505A Battery

The Exell A221/505A is a compatible battery replacement for the original Eveready 505 battery.

  • Type: Alkaline
  • Voltage / Capacity: 22.5V 60mAh
  • Diameter: 15.9 mm (0.63″)
  • Height: 50.2 mm (1.98″)

Additional Info

Below are frequently asked questions and compatibility information for the Exell A221/505A Battery.

Where can I get the Exell A221/505A battery?

You can buy a new Exell A221/505A battery on Amazon.

What is the Exell A221/505A battery?

The Exell A221/505A battery is a 22.5V alkaline replacement for the original Eveready 505 battery commonly used in vintage collectible transistor radios, flash units, and AVO meters.

What are the specs for the Exell A221/505A battery?

The Exell A221/505A battery is 22.5 volts, has an Alkaline chemistry, and is 15.9 millimeters in diameter and 50.2 millimeters in height.

What does the Exell A221/505A battery look like?

The Exell A221/505A battery is a 22.5V battery that measures 15.9mm in diameter and 50.2mm in height.

The Exell A221/505A is a battery replacement for the Eveready 505 battery

Source: Amazon.com

Is the Exell A221/505A battery known by another name or model number?

Yes, different brands give the same battery different model numbers. If you don’t specifically see the battery model number A221/505A for sale, try searching for one of the other model numbers it is also known by or other applications the Exell A221/505A battery also fits, as provided by the cross-reference and compatibility list below.

Exell A221/505A Battery Replacement Cross-Reference & Compatibility List

The Exell A221/505A battery fits and replaces the following and more:

  • A221/505A
  • 221
  • 505
  • 15F15
  • 15LR54
  • 221A
  • 333/U
  • 505A
  • 505E/B
  • A221
  • A505
  • Ansi 221
  • B155
  • BA 333/U
  • BA333/U
  • BA333U
  • BL-MV15
  • BLR155
  • Bolsen Flash Unit
  • Burgess Y15
  • Burgess Y-15
  • DRY1715
  • E505
  • Energizer 505
  • EV505
  • Ever Ready B155
  • Eveready 505
  • Eveready 505E/B
  • Eveready B155
  • Eveready NO.505
  • Exell 505
  • Exell Battery 505A
  • Exell Battery A221
  • Exell Battery A221/505A
  • Iec 15F15
  • Interstate Batteries DRY1715
  • Kodak Brownie Flashholder 4 Flash Unit
  • M505
  • Maxell BL-MV15
  • MV15E
  • Neda 221
  • Neda A221
  • Newmann U87 MICROPHONE
  • NR75
  • Overhead Door R802
  • Petrix NR75
  • Ricoh 500 Flash Unit
  • Syncron AU7a condenser microphone
  • Telectron 182532T
  • Varta 75
  • VS705
  • W15
  • Y15
  • Y-15

Quick Summary of Exell A221/505A Battery Specifications

Brand / ManufacturerExell Battery
Battery Model No.A221/505A
Common Replacement ForEveready 505, NEDA A221
Type / ChemistryAlkaline
Diameter0.63″ (15.9 mm)
Height1.98″ (50.2 mm)

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