Replacement Battery for Polaroid Land Camera 250

Exell A19PX Replacement Battery for Polaroid Land Camera Model 250

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Battery Replacement for Polaroid Camera 250

The Exell A19PX is a compatible battery replacement for the Polaroid Land Camera Model 250.

  • Type: 4.5V Camera Battery
  • Fits: Polaroid Land Camera Model 250
  • Battery Model: Exell A19PX

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What kind of battery do I need for my Polaroid Land Camera Model 250?

Replacement Battery for Polaroid Land Camera Model 250
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The vintage Polaroid Land Camera Model 250 uses the 4.5V Alkaline Exell A19PX battery, which is the replacement battery for the now discontinued PX19 or 531 battery that was originally used in the Polaroid Land Camera 250.

The A19PX battery replacement for the Polaroid Land Camera Model 250 is cylindrical and has one mini snap connector on each end of the battery. The mini snap connectors are the same size mini snap found in the popular 9V PP3 battery. It measures approximately 16.8mm in diameter and 58.3mm in height.

The Exell A19PX battery is considered a rare battery, so if you love taking pictures with your Polaroid 250 Land Camera, you may want to purchase more than one to ensure that you have plenty of batteries for capturing as many meaningful moments as you can.

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Can I use any other kind of battery in my Polaroid Land Camera Model 250?

There are many people who have successfully modded their Polaroid Land Cameras to take AAA batteries so that they don’t have to worry about the A19PX battery possibly being discontinued in the future. If that’s something you’re interested in doing, there are tons of freely available tutorials online you can research based on your specific camera setup.

There are also battery adapters for Polaroid Land Cameras that basically do the same thing – allow you to use 3xAAA batteries instead of the A19PX battery. The adapter is essentially a 3xAAA battery holder with snap connectors on both ends, and it is suitable for Polaroid Land Camera models with a 4.5V operating voltage (100, 101, 102, 220, 225, 230, 240, 250, 340, 355). The battery adapters can also be hard-to-find, but you may have some luck on eBay.

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