6V 9.5Ah Red Replacement Batteries for Jeep 76817

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Battery for Jeep 76817

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What kind of battery does the Jeep 76817 use?

It is highly recommended that you only use replacement batteries from Power Wheels for safe operation of your Power Wheels vehicle. Power Wheels uses a color coded system to help you easily identify the proper replacement battery.

The Jeep 76817 uses two (2) red Power Wheels 6V 9.5Ah batteries, model 00801-0712.

Note that this vehicle requires the Type H connector and you may need to contact Power Wheels Consumer Relations or an Authorized Service Center for an adapter if necessary.

ALSO, this product is affected by the October 1998 recall so be sure to confirm that your vehicle has been modified in accordance with policy before using it.

When replacing batteries in a Power Wheels vehicle that requires two batteries, be sure to replace both batteries at the same time. Using one new battery with one old battery will result in damage to the new battery.

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How long do I need to charge the red 6 Volt Power Wheels batteries for?

It is important to note that prior to first use, you must charge both of your new Power Wheels batteries for at least 18 hours. Otherwise, an undercharged battery can result in a short run time or the vehicle doesn’t operate at all.

After the batteries’ first use, recharge the batteries for at least 14 hours but never leave the batteries charging for longer than 30 hours.

If you need a new replacement charger, there may be some battery/charger combos available.

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How long do the red 6 Volt Power Wheels batteries last?

The average battery life is from 1 to 3 years depending on the frequency of use and maintenance of the battery.

It is recommended that you charge the batteries immediately after each use, regardless of how long they were used for.

It is also recommended that you charge the batteries once a month even if you are not actively using the vehicle. Leaving the batteries in a discharged state may diminish their performance.

Also, do not store the batteries in temperatures above 75° F (24° C) or below -10° F (-23° C).

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